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Intentional forgetting of everyday work behavior (iVAA)

2016 - 2022: Intentional forgetting of everyday work behavior: Assessment, formalization and integration into interactive systems (iVAA)

What is this project about?

The iVAA project focuses on everyday work habits that occur in the execution of work tasks and are therefore important to the functioning of the organization. Specifically, we examine how unwanted habits can be changed ("forgotten"). We focus on individual habitual behaviors and consider forgetting these behaviors as a proactive process. To do this, we develop an interactive system that is as seamlessly embedded in the everyday environment as possible and proactively supports the employee.

What are the results of the project so far?

What are the objectives of the project?

In the first project phase, we are pursuing three concrete goals. First, we develop methods to empirically capture habits and later formalize them. Second, we translate formalized habits descriptions into reference networks (a formal descriptive language) to functionally embed them in an interactive system. Third, we examine individual and situational factors in the work context that may facilitate forgetting unwanted habits.

How can organizations use the results?

Forgetting undesirable behaviors should enable working people to do their jobs more efficiently without increasing the stress. On the one hand, our project examines the necessary prerequisites and framework conditions that must exist in the organization so that unwanted habits can really be changed. On the other hand, we are developing and investigating a digital system for the proactive support of this forgetting with the aid of the progressive digitalization of the working world.

Project team

Prof. Dr. Sonnentag, Sabine Department of Psychology Applicant ORCID
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Többen, Leon Department of Psychology ResearchGate

Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Weyers, Benjamin Human-Computer-Interaction Applicant ORCID
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Feld, Nico, M.Sc. Human-Computer-Interaction ResearchGate
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Former collaborators

Dr. rer. nat. Law, Yuen ORCID
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Wehrt, Wilken, M.Sc. ResearchGate